Tips and Curiosities

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The first time you light your new candle, do not trim the wick. This is the ONLY time I recommend NOT trimming the wick BEFORE you light a candle. Depending on the wax and size of the container, you may need a flame that burns large and hot enough to melt the wax in a nice melt pool. If you trim the wick too short, the flame might be too small to melt the wax properly. This is especially true of beeswax.

The first lighting of your candle will be setting its “wax memory”. A good rule of thumb is to burn your candle for one hour per inch of the diameter of the container. An example would be a candle with a three inch diameter will need to have an approximate burn time of three hours. After the first burn time, you are free to light and blow out your candle every five minutes if you like. I would suggest enjoying it a little longer than five minutes though!

Burning your candle for extended periods of time results in a large pool of melted wax. As beeswax cools, it shrinks slightly which can cause cracking. This does not affect the quality of your candle in any way.

Why is my beeswax candle difficult to light sometimes?
In order for a candle to work properly, it needs to pass melted wax through the wick. Beeswax melts at a higher temperature and requires thicker wicks therefore it is necessary to hold the lighter next to the wick for a longer time than other candles.

Are there any chemicals in your beeswax candle?
No! I do not add anything to the wax. Some companies use a candle mold release compound to help remove the candle from the mold after it has cooled. I never use this. If anything is needed, I will use a touch of coconut oil for ease of release.

I do not add scents or color to the beeswax candles. I periodically add therapeutic grade essential oils to the soy candles. The soy candle is a lovely fragrance free option too.

Beeswax may be lighter or darker at times due to the time of year the bees collected the pollen and nectar.

Candle Bloom?
This is the white cloudy film that sometime appears on the tops of pure 100% beeswax. It is a positive and nothing to worry about.

AND all of my wicks are hand dipped and straightened by hand - one by one!