Our Story

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Bee Good Candle Co. was created from the last words my grandfather “PopPop” said to me the last time I was with him before he passed away in 1992. He took my hand and looked me in the eyes and said “Be Good”. Six months to the day after my grandmother passed, he joined her on their 69th wedding anniversary. With the combination of love and admiration for my “Grandmother and PopPop”, honeybees and candles, the pieces finally came together and “Bee Good Candle Company” was born in 2016.

How It’s Made
I work with 100% pure beeswax in the creation of my candles. My wicks are made of recycled paper and organic cotton. Each candle is lovingly hand poured in my little 200 square foot 1930’s Honey Hut on our property in Dripping Springs, Texas. I have beehives and fresh lavender around the little house that serve as inspiration. I use antique china and unique reusable containers that, depending on size, can be repurposed into wildflower vases after your candle has completed it’s burn time. If you are attached to the specific container that I send your candle in, I will be happy to refill it with a new candle and wick for a refill fee.

A Pure Gift
I consider beeswax a true gift from nature and never alter it in any way. I do offer the option of soy candles with therapeutic grade essential oils added for a special healing touch if that tickles your fancy!

I Love Candles

Obviously, I love candles and honey bees! Soy and beeswax candles are wonderful alternatives for adding health of body and spirit to your home or office.

“Pure Beeswax”
Please be aware when purchasing candles, that in the United States, “Pure Beeswax” means only 51% needs to be beeswax while the other 49% can be a filler wax such as paraffin wax. Always make sure that your candles are made from “100% Pure Beeswax” or “100% Pure Soy Wax”.

My Hope
I hope that the light from my candles warms your heart and your home.

“A Friend of the Bees”